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National Safety Plan

Pilgrim’s Mexico

In 2018, the Pilgrim’s Mexico team developed a National Safety Plan to better ensure the safety and wellbeing of all team members. Under this plan, a Health and Safety System was implemented, which aims to reduce all risks that contribute to unsafe acts and conditions. The comprehensive system integrates multiple components, including team member training,…

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Helping Fellow Team Members

Greeley, CO, Beef Production Facility

In 2018, Greeley beef team members joined together to find a solution to an issue affecting the comfort and wellbeing of the facility’s cleanup crew. Due to the design of the tools the cleanup crew members use to perform their jobs, which include clearing inedible product off the floor that falls from the tables, they…

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Million Man Hour Milestone

Plainwell, MI, Beef Production Facility:

In October 2018, the Plainwell beef facility surpassed 1 million hours without a lost time injury. The Million Man Hour milestone is a great reflection of how Plainwell’s team members avoid complacency and stay alert in looking for unsafe acts or activities.  

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HAZMAT Safety Competition

Marshalltown, IA, Pork Production Facility

While the Marshalltown pork team conducts Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) drills each quarter, this October, the facility decided make the event a friendly competition between two organized teams. Each was challenged with “stopping a leak” the fastest by taking apart a flange, inserting a gasket and replacing/tightening the nuts and bolts. The goal of the exercise…

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Hosting Local Medical Professionals

Cactus, TX, Beef Production Facility

In summer 2018, the Cactus beef team hosted four local doctors from the Moore County Hospital District. Following a thorough tour of the facility, the group commented that they were now much better able to understand the jobs of Cactus team members. This increased awareness will benefit our team members should they need to visit…

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Cactus Beef University

Cactus, TX, Beef Production Facility

The JBS USA beef team in Cactus, TX, believes that a good leader is the result of hard work, dedication and development. That is why they created the Cactus Beef University program in March 2018. Every Wednesday, classes are provided at the facility to newly-promoted supervisors or team members training to be supervisors in the…

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Supervisor Training Program

Beardstown, IL, Pork Production Facility

In early 2019, the Beardstown pork facility graduated its 2018 Supervisor Training Program class. Graduates completed a comprehensive 6-week program of instruction on the duties, expectations and skills of supervisor positions at the Beardstown facility. During the program, they were educated on and displayed great understanding of the following skills, knowledge and abilities (SKAs): The…

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Annual Team Gathering

JBS USA Live Pork

In 2018, more than 100 leaders and managers across the JBS USA Live Pork team gathered in northern Colorado for their annual meeting to review current business performance and learn more about the pork industry and market. Engaging business updates were provided during the event to help expand the team’s knowledge of both the company’s…

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Australian Rural Leadership

Caroona, NSW, Feedlot

In 2018, the JBS Australia Caroona feedlot’s Feeding Supervisor, Nicole Radcliffe, graduated from the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation’s TRAIL (Training Rural Australians In Leadership) program. Throughout the course, Nicole learned how to step back and review the structure of how things are done and decide how things can be done better. Feedlot Manager Richard Nicholls…

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Packinghouse 101


Several times a year, the JBS USA Beef team hosts Packinghouse 101, a three-day conference where facility-based managers, supervisors and leaders come together to develop “hard skills” related to the packinghouse business. During the program, participants are immersed in the complete packinghouse business (Buy-Make-Sell), develop a keen understanding of the JBS Mission, Values and Beliefs…

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