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Souderton, PA, Beef Production Facility

Team Member Spotlight

Like all JBS USA facilities, the Souderton beef team desires to cultivate engaged team members through their daily efforts toward creating a People First Culture. Team member Hieng Yous is a great example of that. Joining the company in 1982, Yous has worked thus far without any safety violations, injuries, initials or performance progressive disciplinary action against him in 36 years. He leads by example, being the first person at his work station every morning, and never says no to any request, demonstrating tremendous availability – one of our company values.

As a token of recognition and appreciation of Yous’ outstanding work record at JBS USA, each Souderton fabrication supervisor pitched in to purchase a 60’ smart TV for Yous in 2018. The team presented the TV to Yous in the cafeteria, in front of all of his peers during lunch. The Souderton facility is very proud to have Yous as a team member.