Stop & Shop Targets Steakhouse Lovers with JBS Brand 1855

JBS is proud to have our 1855 brand participate in Stop & Shop’s Taste of Inspirations Black Angus beef assortment, which includes an array of tender steaks and roasts, as well a variety of ground beef and patty options.

Taste of Inspirations Black Angus beef, a co-branded, exclusive partnership with our 1855 brand, is available in the meat department at all Stop & Shop locations or for pickup and delivery.

Our 1855 brand carefully chooses family ranches that have a passion for raising high-quality Angus cattle, and the cattle are required to meet 10 strict program criteria to become USDA certified. Sourced from the grain-rich areas of the northern plains region, cuts of Taste of Inspirations Black Angus beef are marbled for a rich, juicy flavor and uncompromising tenderness, and are processed in only two U.S. facilities with uniform standards and procedures.