Reducing Energy Use | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Greeley, CO, Beef Production Facility

Reducing Energy Use

In 2015, the JBS USA Greeley team recognized some major energy reduction opportunities throughout the plant and began implementing substantial projects to decrease usage. After several years of successfully spearheading further energy reduction initiatives, the plant found a new partner in its local utility company, Colorado Xcel Energy, and began utilizing their support to pursue bigger ventures.

Colorado Xcel Energy’s Strategic Energy Management program helps the Greeley team to recognize and prioritize energy reduction projects across the facility, obtain sizable governmental rebates and contribute to the company’s overall environmental goals. In 2019, the team completed a variety of improvements, including a large refrigeration system project, LED lighting upgrades, motor VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) installations, large blower replacements at the water reclamation facility and more. As a result, the facility is currently experiencing energy savings at a rate of 8.3 percent, or $420,000 per year compared to 2018 performance.