JBS Gives Back with More than 14,000 Lbs. of Ground Beef, 100 Rib Eyes, $15,000 in Donations | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Green Bay, WI, Facility

JBS Gives Back with More than 14,000 Lbs. of Ground Beef, 100 Rib Eyes, $15,000 in Donations

As an essential business, the JBS team in Green Bay, Wis., saw the importance of feeding the world and wanted to support their community.

Each day during Giving Week, the plant made donations throughout Green Bay, focusing on organizations that serve the needs of those less fortunate. Throughout the week, donations gradually increased in magnitude.

On Monday, the JBS team donated to the House of Hope shelter for families. Each family received a 3-pound package of ground beef. Another donation was made to Paul’s Pantry, which provides food for approximately 150 families every day. The JBS team provided meat for their pantry service for more than six days. The third donation went to Freedom House, which shelters over a dozen families and used the ground beef for their hot meal service.

On Tuesday, donations went to Manna For Life Ministries and the New Community Shelter. Both charities received 960 pounds of ground beef. Manna For Life Ministries serves hot lunches to approximately 125 people per day and also serves the community as a food pantry. The New Community Shelter has space to shelter almost 100 adults, and they provided more than 300 hot meals per day during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Wednesday alone, the Green Bay team donated 11,017 pounds of ground beef. They provided a box to St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter to feed the 27 people at the shelter, as well as 960 pounds to Oneida Food Pantry, which serves approximately 100 people from their pantry weekly. They also provided 945 pounds to Green Bay Salvation Army to use as a protein source for the 200-250 hot meals they serve daily. Lastly, the team provided Feeding America with 9,088 pounds of ground beef.

On Thursday, as a thank-you to first responders in the area, the team donated ribeye roasts to the Green Bay Police Department and the Green Bay Fire Department. They also donated ribeye roasts to two local nursing homes to feed all of the residents and staff.

On the final day of Giving Week, the team made a $15,000 donation to the American Red Cross of Green Bay and the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation for the Emergency Response Fund, which helps non-profits support and supply essential human needs during the COVID-19 crisis. In all, the team raised $1,811, and JBS Green Bay matched that amount for a total donation of $3,622.