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Broadway, VA, Chicken Production Facility

Green and White Society Dinner

The Green and White Society is annual function put on by Broadway High School and Pilgrim’s Broadway to give high school seniors a chance to be recognized in a unique way. Each year, school teachers nominate students who they feel have made a positive difference in themselves, show leadership and school spirit and demonstrate humility. Three high school faculty members and a member of the Pilgrim’s Broadway management team vote on the nominees, who are then asked to write an essay about the person who was the biggest influence in their life.

In honor of the nominees, Broadway High School and Pilgrim’s hold a dinner offsite for the students, their parents, the teacher who nominated them and the subject of their essay. During the event, each nominated senior reads his or her essay and presents a framed copy of the essay to the individual who influenced them the most. Additionally, the students are presented with a cord to wear during their graduation ceremony, and a member of Pilgrim’s management gives a speech.