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Pilgrim's Moy Park

Farm Africa

In 2015, Pilgrim’s Moy Park announced its partnership with Farm Africa and its goal of raising an ambitious £100,000 for the charity over a three year period. Farm Africa aims to end hunger and stimulate prosperity in rural Africa, working shoulder to shoulder with farmers and local communities and providing them with the right seeds, tools and technical support to transform their lives and grow enough food to feed their families – not just this harvest, but every harvest.

Over the past three years, Pilgrim’s Moy Park team members have taken part in a variety of fundraising activities such as building beehives in the “Big Beehive Build” in Tanzania’s Nou Forest and completing a seven-day hike across Mount Elgon on the Tanzania-Uganda border. As a result, in April 2018, the team was able to surpass their fundraising goal and present Farm Africa with a check for £150,000.